HR Tech Advisory

For ambitious Entrepreneurs

We love Founders.

Building innovative HR Tech solutions is as exciting as it requires ambition. Whether it is finding the perfect Product-Market-Fit,  gaining traction or raising Venture Capital - we are the sounding board for our entrepreneurial clients.

Product Strategy

Through our consulting work we know the pain points HR leaders are pondering on. And what the reality of their talent strategies looks like. Hence we know, which products will actually solve a client's problem. We know your competitive landscape and can help you increase your defensibility.

Growth & Scaling

Crafting a perfect pitch, figuring out sales tactics and playing with content marketing? We are here to guide you through the jungle of choices to make. Being involved as speakers in so many HR events, we know where your audience goes. Seeing so many other vendors, we know which marketing strategy might work for you. With a network of expert partners, we will be able to give you more than strategic advice.


Being both Angel Investor and partner in a HR Tech focussed Venture Capital Fund, we know the struggle of raising money in our vertical. Through our VC lens and with a global network of fellow investors, we will be able to help you with your next round. Maybe even invest ourselves.

Client Examples

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