Smart use of AI-enhanced videos in recruitment
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Not longer a startup but an established player, Viasto is on an ongoing mission to change candidate experiences through video.

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Berlin, Germany
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Viasto and I go way back when I was their client in 2010 at i-potentials and continued to use their video interview suite at Deutsche Telekom to eliminate the CV in our hiring process. Over the years we have shared our mission to disrupt outdated HR procedures by pushing boundaries through smart use of HR Tech. Whether it is spreading the word about our joint experimental approaches in webinars or explaining the impact of AI in HR through whitepapers - creating valuable content for HR practitioners is a shared mission.

Sara Lindemann, Co-Founder of Viasto

"Anna is the most energetic and lateral thinking HR mind that I have ever met. She combines the most powerful attributes one can have to kick ass any company that is willing to truly excel: Creativity, courage and craziness."

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