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HR Tech Startup
Istanbul, Turkey
Growth Strategy
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Sparkus is an Istanbul based, young HR Tech vendor with a good local client base. We started working with each other as they started to explore further growth within Europe, adjust their product offering and sales tactics in order to further grow. Sparkus and I met first time at UNLEASH London in 2018. Over the past months, we conducted a series of workshops and video-sessions to tackle strategic and tactical topics.

Ozlem Sarioglu, MD Sparkus

"Receiving mentoring from Anna brought our business to another level. She took ample time to understand the dynamics of our business and company, and offered her expertise based on this in-depth understanding. She has the perspective of both the investors and the corporate HR, which is invaluable for the European expansion of our HRTech startup. Anna is well connected in the HRTech industry, so she can direct us to the right people to work with and helps us arrange our resources in the best effective way. The overall feeling is that we feel safe while making decisions, knowing that we can always consult Anna for her expert opinion."

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