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Supporting the team behind the ambitious goal to enable more talent to have fulfilling location-agnostic careers and companies harvesting a truly global talent pool.

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HR Tech Startup
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It started off with speaking at the first "Remote Summit" Iwo organized and then evolved into a nearly one-year long project. Remote-how is an online platform empowering the growth of remote work through education, community support and work & travel projects. And this is not an easy task, so over the course of our advisory, we defined, redefined the product offering, evaluated partnerships, marketing opportunities, pricing strategies and everything that a young and ambitious company with an inspiring leader needs to tackle. It did help, that most of our video calls with the team working fully remote from sunny places in Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia and others, included beaches and palm trees.

Iwo Szapar, CEO Remote-How

"If you ask me of a dream early-stage startup Advisor, I immediately reply "Anna"!

Why? Top-notch input on the HRtech related matters
✅Honest (sometimes harsh) feedback
✅Always available (weekends, nights, holidays - but don't overuse it 😇)
✅Positive vibes only & motivation to push harder & harder
✅Anna, please keep up the fantastic work to help the HR industry transformation. 🚀""

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