Vienna Social Fund

City of Vienna
HR Consultancy

With tailor-made help that is affordable for all, the fund supports some 100,000 residents of Vienna annually in coping with their everyday life, contributing to improving their quality of life as well as that of their family members.

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HR Department
Vienna, Austria
Review Talent Strategy
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work brief

The Recruiting team of the "FSW" met me at the Social Recruiting Days in 2018 and asked me to help them re-assess their existing activities to recruit mainly nurses, social workers and IT developers for the city of Vienna. After an initial assessment of existing strategies, we developed a roadmap of new initiatives to trial in order to engage better with the scarce talent pool of locally available caretakers. As budgets are expectably tight, we focussed on quick wins at the lowest cost for e.g. optimizing employer branding, candidate experience and internal initiatives. One aspect was to dig into available data and revamp the dashboard of KPIs to monitor. We know that tech is mostly the "finish line" of a revamped part of the HR value chain and processes need to be redesigned first. Yet when it comes to employee referrals, the solution was obvious with the introduction to one of the leading experts in that field, Firstbird. It did help, that they were literally just around the corner.

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