The big list of German HRTech Startups

Anna Ott
May 20, 2019

As part of my recent project with one of the leading HR Tech Conferences, I researched HR tech startups globally and was specifically…

As part of my recent project with one of the leading HR Tech Conferences, I researched HR tech startups globally and was specifically interested in the GSA region and their uprising and NextGen of HR Solutions. The label #hrtech is not (yet) a sexy one inspite of the VC money allocated on HR solutions just this year (Kudos to George LaRoque for compiling this) — with an overall investment of +1.3bn USD. But it is still tricky to research companies in that field since it is very broad, scattered and dominated by #TalentAcquistion solutions.

My taxonomy of segments and subsegments has +50 labels alone and is not even as sophisticated as Jonathan’s Ecosystem from TTL (just released in V 7.0!). Because there are soooo many #PointSolutions = startups tackling an isolated problem puzzle piece in the whole underdigitized world of #HR. Or as market genius Thomas explained it to me once

“When I look at startups, I segment them by: is it a feature, a product, a company or a whole market”.

And I agree this is true for a lot of the especially young companies and no surprise given that it is brutally hard to sell software to (hardly experienced) tech buyers like HR and even more difficult to raise money from VCs for a founder in #HRTech — so yes, they need to start somewhere and don’t scale as fast as other startup segments.

Because on top of having one of the hardest B2B Sales Jobs ever, HR Tech Startups will have a hard time finding Angel investors or VCs dedicated on HR Tech. There are few individuals as an exception (e.g. Wendy, Fabian, Nick, Andreas or Devyani to name a few) that are visible and approachable for seed financing. There are people There are of course the big players like Kelly, Persol, Randstad, Adecco, Cornerstone and SAP with dedicated activities around company building, investment and partnering — but everyone seems to wait for a big VC to show up and build a fund just for #HRTech. (Apart from GreatRok who are focussed only on #SeedStage AFAIK).

Having said all this, I was still impressed to see that Germany has a great variety and overall respectful amount of HR related startups — and it feels as this is getting more and more. Led by the success of companies like TalentWunder, Tandemploy or Personio, there are now around 120 companies working on solutions to #Digitize HR as a function, make #employer-employee interactions smarter or even help #jobseekers struggling with building a career. Some of them seem to just put band aid on broken processes with nice UI/UX but some fundamentally question legacy procedures like #PerformanceReview, #JobMatching or #non-flexible work. #Coaching and #Wellbeing seems to be a topic on the rise in an economy where everyone might be interested to optimize themselves but not really desperately looking for a job.

With that amount of companies, we should be able to be visible internationally — yet most of the below mentioned companies focus on the German Speaking Region and have not (dared to?) go international. Why is that? Because the market, especially with a strong SME ecosystem, is sufficiently good? Because they fear the (e.g. UK?) international competition? Because they don’t have sufficient backing financially?

So here is the looooong but surely not full list of companies from #Germany (Switzerland and Austria to follow soon) I have tracked so far and will keep an eye on.

And yes, the term “startup” is a tough one and has led to discussions with thought leaders (or call them influencers or just the “inner circle of HR Tech” :D) like William, Bill or Hung. Some of those companies will shy away (for good branding reasons) from the startup label, some might still benefit from it.

PS: If your company is missing, ping me or comment so I can add you to the list! I help HR Tech startups grow by advising them, matching them with investors and potential clients. I like to help HR practitioners understand the current HRTech landscape better in order to understand technologies applied in HR and make buying decisions. I also work with and for investors interested in financing esp. early stage HR tech companies. Find out more at or ping me via I also run an #HRTechMeetup in Berlin with & and the Secret HR Society with (HR Tech Founder) . Follow me on or for updates.

The List

  1. 25ways
  2. 4scotty
  3. actus
  4. algorithmiko
  5. Aspirantic
  6. BeCeo
  7. becomeZ
  8. Bettercoach
  9. billyard
  11. candidate select
  12. CareerPeakr
  13. Changers
  14. Coachimo
  15. CoMatch
  16. CompanyMood
  17. dearemployee
  20. Emerald Nodes
  21. Evalea
  22. everlean
  23. everskill
  24. expertry
  26. FlexSoft
  27. FunctionHR
  28. Gapster
  29. Get in it
  30. GoHiring
  31. Gradar
  32. Happly
  33. HCM4all
  34. HeavenHR
  35. HeyJobs
  36. Honeypot
  37. HR Instruments
  38. HRForecast
  39. HRLab
  40. Hrpuls
  42. Individual Escape
  43. Innocado
  44. Instaffo
  45. instahelp
  46. interimhead
  47. Jobblitz
  48. JobLeads
  49. Joblift
  50. jobninja
  51. JobPal
  52. JobSharing Hub
  53. Jobspreader
  54. JobUfo
  55. Jobunicorn
  56. Kultify
  57. Leapsome
  58. Loopline Systems
  59. LS-S
  60. Lunchio
  61. Lunchit
  62. Matching Box
  63. Mia — 6 voices
  64. mindance
  65. MoBerries
  66. mobilejob
  67. Mystery Lunch
  68. OptioPay
  69. OrgOS
  70. Perdoo
  71. PersoMatch
  72. Personio
  73. Precire
  74. Predictive people
  75. Prescreen
  77. Project Pad by iCombine
  78. Pulseshift
  79. Remote Talents
  80. retime
  81. Scedule
  82. Selfapy
  83. Seven Lanes
  84. Sharpist
  85. shyftplan
  86. skillconomy
  87. SkillHero
  88. Softgarden
  89. spendit
  90. Staff Board
  91. Staffbase
  92. StudyDrive
  93. t-shaped
  94. Taledo
  95. talentcube
  96. Talentese
  97. Talentry
  98. TalentsConnect
  99. Talentwunder
  100. talenz
  101. Tandemploy
  102. Tanedo
  103. Teambay
  104. tempreo
  105. The next We
  106. TheMinuteApp
  107. think simple
  108. Truckin
  109. Truffls GmbH
  110. UniNow
  111. Verlingo
  112. Viasion
  113. viasto
  114. wesource
  115. Why Apply
  116. Wiselab
  117. Wonderwerk
  118. Workpath
  119. Workspex
  120. Young targets
  121. Zalvus
  122. Zenjob

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