The HRTech Startup Landscape in France

Anna Ott
May 20, 2019

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Previously this year, I posted a list of the upcoming HRTech Startups in Germany and discovered around 120 companies in that space. I’ve then started to research the French startup landscape which has an equal amount of teams trying to disrupt, automate, augment or improve HR in France.

Some key findings:

  • an estimate of 70% of those services/products are not available or marketed outside of France (and therefore website are all French only)
  • Skill Development, up-/re-skilling and finding a career seems to be an important area which might be due to the unique French educational system
  • a growing number of marketplaces or matching solutions is focussing on gigsters, temp workers, students or freelancers and my assumption is that this is (equally to Germany) due to the “employee-protective” labour market
  • The market doesn’t seem to grow by quantity in the past years (as the number of new companies has slightly decreased, yet startups have a fairly strong backing from the state and an impressive ecosystem and support from hubs like La French Tech, Station F, Le LabRH and obviously role models like Fred Mazzella or huge events like VivaTech
  • I didn’t count, but would assume that 85% of the companies are located in Paris and the rest is spread evenly throughout the country with a small peak in Lyon

Here are some simplified breakdowns of how the early stage HRTech (and some EdTech) looks like in France:

Here's the full list (last updated in Dec2018).

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